A free service to find individuals, families and local businesses/services who take COVID precautions in your area

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Who is this for?


Find other families and local businesses, organize safe play dates and more for your children

Clinically vulnerable & long haulers

Connect to others in similar circumstances, share tips regarding local resources, and arrange activities

Careful individuals & families

Find like-minded peers and local businesses, organize safer activities

Our progress

17,900 members

74 countries

1 goal

What can I do on Covid Meetups?

Find peers and services in your area

Find individuals, families and local businesses taking precautions

Exchange messages

Send and receive messages from others looking to organize meetups

Organize activities

Organize social activities and use local services more safely

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Covid Meetups is an initiative by the World Health Network, a global coalition devoted to protecting health and minimizing harm to individuals and society formed as a people's task force in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The service is designed to help COVID careful individuals and families connect in their local area.