About Covid Meetups

Covid Meetups is a free service to find others who take precautions against the ongoing pandemic. Originally designed to help parents organize safer play dates for young children in their local area, the network is now open to anyone.

Local connections

By joining up with others in your area, you can make arrangements to take precautions collectively. For example, some members have organized safer social activities in their area by testing beforehand. Others, such as parents, have used our network to establish safer schools.

Global groups

Through our global chat groups, you can also find a variety of members who share the same interests as you. Many members who are housebound, for example, have benefited from groups that host weekly video chats.

Business/services directory

Beyond social connections, we provide a global directory of businesses and services who take COVID safety measures.

The organization

Originally founded by a family residing in Switzerland, Covid Meetups is now owned and operated by the World Health Network (WHN). The WHN is a global coalition devoted to protecting health and minimizing harm to individuals and society formed as a people’s task force in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The service is operated entirely by WHN volunteers, which is itself a non-profit organization.

Want to get involved?

As a volunteer-run organization, we are always looking for help. Please contact us using the email address in the footer below, or considering joining the World Health Network as a volunteer.

Software developers: Covid Meetups is built entirely in Ruby on Rails. Those with experience in the framework are more than welcome to join as volunteers.

Translators: As a global organization, we hope to facilitate connections with users all over the world. Translating the service into various languages will help Covid Meetups grow all over the world.

Community builders: If you see a local business or service taking measures against the pandemic, please consider adding them to the open directory. This helps everyone minimize their infection risks. You may also wish to consider hosting a local or global group based on your interests.